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The Uzzi Group provides consulting services tailored to your organization’s needs. Contact us today to inquire about custom designed workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. Here are just some of our offerings:

Leadership Development Programs

Emotional Intelligence

The level of Emotional Intelligence separates good Leaders from great Leaders. Emotional Intelligence is the self-mastery, discipline, and empathetic capacity that allows leaders to channel their personal passions and attract others. Participants will understand the 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence and how increased EI can help them lead customers and colleagues to action.

Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI)
The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) is powerful coaching tool to drive development. This research-based 360 degree feedback tool describes 12 competencies that differentiate outstanding performers from average performers. It can be used to develop leaders, improve interpersonal effectiveness, coaching individuals, and in helping teams improve their effectiveness. The ESCI tool should not be used in the selection process, as it was designed to help develop people. The ESCI data is powerful feedback to receive and must be delivered by a specially accredited consultant.
Organizational Climate

When we talk about climate we mean how people feel about aspects in their work environment which directly impact their productivity. It’s what people say when asked “What’s it like to work here?” We’ve found that the happier people are in their work environment, the more effort they’re prepared to make. In fact, research shows that it will increase important bottom line performance measures by up to 30%. Climate affects organizational performance by influencing employee motivation. In most jobs, especially complex ones, there is a gulf between what employees need do to ‘get by’ and what they can do if they perform at their full potential. A positive climate will encourage this discretionary effort and commitment.

Managerial Styles (Developing your leadership strength)

Managers use many different behaviors, drawing on a range of skills, techniques, strengths, habits and ideas. The Hay Group research on executives across industries and the globe identified 6 distinct patterns of behavior that emerge. Effective managers use these styles in the right measure, at just the right time, to create a positive, energizing work climate for their team. Participants will understand the 6 leadership styles and how they relate to their own management style and answer the question, are you doing the right things, at the right time, in the right circumstances, with the right people.

Executive Coaching

Development feedback becomes increasingly important, more infrequent, and more unreliable as individuals advance to the executive level. As a result, many executives plateau in critical interpersonal and leadership skills. Whereas coaching was once viewed as a tool to correct underperformance, it is becoming more widely used in supporting top producers. Executive coaching seeks to enhance the performance of high-potential executives. Executive coaching is most successful when a three-way partnership is established between the executive, the coach, and organization in which all agree on specific goals and parameters. The Executive coaching process may address specific behavior that is causing managerial conflict, improve managerial competencies, or help executives address behaviors that are impeding job effectiveness.

Cross-Functional Leadership (Influencing Strategies)

Influence is subtle, yet incredibly powerful. You can order people to do a task, but you cannot order them to do their best. It simply does not work – and usually, it has the opposite effect. You can, however, influence people to do their best by providing a strong, motivating example in addition to positive reinforcement. Leadership addresses tasks; influence addresses attitudes and awareness. Influence is the soul of leadership. Participants will explore different leadership styles: leading without authority, the use of “hard vs soft power”, and differences in Leading, Coaching and Managing.

Personal Values and Social Motives

Based on David McClelland’s research which found that conscious concerns can predict the types of behavior that people gravitate towards. He identified three Social Motives; Achievement, Affiliation, and Power. Participants will understand the gaps between personal values and job demands and how to close them.

Optimizing Team Development

Team performance is more than just the sum of individuals’ abilities. Regardless of how competent team members are, if the team is not structured  and led in the right way it just won’t work. Based on Bechard’s classic model of team effectiveness, participants will learn the four dimensions of high performing teams: goals, roles, processes and relationships. How to gather views – their own and others on how well their team is doing and how good it can be. The development planning section assists team members in creating an action plan to identify their part in improving team performance.

Business Communication

Most of the day, we are communicating to and with others. Whether it’s the speech you deliver in the boardroom or the level of attention you give your spouse when he/she speaks to you, it all means something. Through effective communication, leaders lead. Good communication skills enable, foster, and create the understanding and trust that is necessary to encourage others to follow. Without these skills, a manager will accomplish little and will not become an effective leader. This workshop will help participants grasp the different methods of communication and how strong communication skills will help them improve their ability to get things done with customers and colleagues.

Women and Leadership

Some people believe that leadership will increasingly become a “Woman’s World.” Domination as a leadership style is becoming less and less popular. Leadership research on gender reports the increased success of what was once considered a “feminine style of leadership.” The masculine leadership style of assertiveness, competitiveness, and commanding others is giving way to more collaborative, participatory, integrative ways of leadership aimed at co-opting the behavior of followers. Participants will understand that a woman’s way of leading includes helping others understand and be principled about values that truly matter.

Sales Training Programs

Selling Skills

One of the most common mistakes that ineffective sales persons make is trying to sell something to a customer before he or she knows what the customer needs. Customer Intimacy is about understanding your customer and building rapport with them based on their needs – and your ability to meet those needs. This consultative sales training workshop will lead participants through a challenging array of concepts and activities to help them quickly gain a clear understanding of their customer’s needs. Participants will learn how to structure a sales call that focuses on Customer Intimacy, moves customers to action, and produces results.

Presentation Skills

This is a highly focused, individual competency and skill-building program.  Increased levels of competencies are built through out two days, culminating in measurable individual improvement in designing and implementing Dynamic Presentations that Shine.  The presentation content is customized to your Sales Strategy and offerings. Each participant will increase their overall skills, and therefore benefit your business in achieving your goals and objectives.  This seminar can also be offered to your more valuable customers as a truly useful “Value-Added” offering, which enables you and your organization to create an evergreen partnership.

  • Content delivered through demonstration and application
  • Videotaped presentations and “Skill Drills”.  Each participant receives individual videotaped presentations for follow-up reinforcement.
  • Final individual presentation focused on your business objectives, products, services and offerings.  Can be used on-the-job next day!
  • Maximum participation
  • Focused, honest, clear, sensitive and concise feedback

Executive Search

Conducting a successful executive search requires tremendous judgment, in-depth industry knowledge, and the drive and insight to look past the surface to find the best long-term fit. The Uzzi Group specializes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Our Mission is to provide the best possible sales, marketing, clinical, and MSL talent to the medical and pharmaceutical community. We work with candidates, not applicants, who are in the top percentile of their prospective firms. Our thorough process for recruiting exceptional candidates, our broad industry experience, and our relentless drive for the best fit all translate into stronger candidates and ultimately – making your company more successful.

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